John Keenan is a singer-songwriter from Brisbane who released his debut single, ‘If You Saw Me’, in 2019 and found himself with airplay on triple j almost immediately, reaching #1 on the Unearthed charts. His latest single, ‘Tired Eyes’, was written six years ago and is, says Keenan, ‘about creating lasting moments with a lover and embracing the present. It’s a reminder of how quickly life can pass us by.’

‘Tired Eyes’ is a realistic love song – it acknowledges that love that lasts is to be found in the nitty-gritty of everyday life, and the decision to keep being with that other person. Keenan’s voice and performance are strong enough not to need any assistance, but the addition of vocals by Nicole McKinney from the second verse on enhances and reinforces the message of the song. It’s from that point we feel like this is the portrait of a relationship rather than just the perspective of one of the people in it. This becomes a song about commitment, and longevity, and the sweetness within those.

Instagram: @johnkeenanmusic