Ella Powell is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from the Central Coast, NSW/ Guringai/Awabakal country who has won the People’s Choice Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival Best of the Buskers Championships, amongst other awards; it was this success that inspired her to pursue her passion for country pop. Earlier this year she performed an original song on Channel 7’s Sunrise and over the past two years she’s been a participant in the NSW Talent Development Program.

Last year Powell released the singles ‘Come and Go’ and ‘Watching Over Me’. Her latest single is ‘Somebody’, a song about looking forwards with an open mind and open heart, rather than dwelling on everything that’s gone wrong in the past. Powell’s powerful voice reinforces the message of the song with a clear attitude of gratitude and joy. One could say that it’s easy to look forwards when you’re 17 except that the world is arguably harder than ever to live in for teenagers. Pressures are manifold for a generation raised on social media and which has spent a significant portion of their young lives locked down due to a pandemic. That makes ‘Somebody’ an even more impressive embodied statement about the importance of living in and appreciating the moment, and the mark of an impressive new talent.