In 2016 Sarah Humphreys and Kristen Lee Morris, as Eagle & the Wolf, released their debut, self-title album, which was a triumphant combination of their considerable talents. Album number two did not follow as quickly as they may have planned due to, as Humphreys says, ‘A planned baby, relentless touring, a surprise baby and a hard pregnancy, arguments, creative differences, raising children, being parents and step-parents, getting married, mental health struggles, lack of sleep, health struggles, moving to the blue mountains, homeschooling adventures, two solo records, a lot has happened since our last album!’

However, in very welcome news that album, Two Lovers, is due for release on 17 September and its first single, ‘Something Good’, is out now. It is a short, sharp, entertaining record of how they have arrived at this place of ‘something good’ – it’s come out of determination and dedication. Humphreys takes the lead vocal and Morris’s smooth tone beneath provides support and extra texture. Humphreys says that Eagle & the Wolf are making songs for people’s hearts, and this track certainly sounds like it comes from the heart. And its title contains a promise of what is no doubt to come on the album.