Donna Fisk is a singer-songwriter and producer who has won multiple awards, including Australian Performing Rights Association Song of the Year, TSA National Songwriting Award and the International Spur award for excellence as a performer, entertainer, female vocalist and music achievement. She’s also been immortalised in the Australian Country Music Fame Park. Her father, Gene Bradley Fisk, is also a legendary figure in Australian country music.

Donna Fisk’s latest release is the haunting single ‘Crying Over’ – her rich voice delivers a song that, as she says, ‘ain’t no party tune. Some songs are such that they can become an individual’s personal interpretation. Make of it what you will, but for me it rang of the opinion that joy seems so fleeting and sorrow lingers … Memories flood back of good times that live in the shadow of losing dear ones. There are songs for a time, songs that take you back to a time … “Crying Over” is one of those songs.’

With half of Australia’s population currently in lockdown, there seems a bit to be crying over right now – and sometimes when you’re feeling melancholy a sad song can be just the tonic (as perverse as that may seem). ‘Crying Over’ is a powerhouse ballad for any time, but also seems like it’s being released at the right time for some of us. Regardless of the release date, though, it’s a great song from the enormous talent that is Donna Fisk.