Sydney singer-songwriter Cassidy-Rae probably didn’t think that ‘keeping people’s spirits up during a pandemic’ would be part of her job description, but it has definitely been a side effect – if not the main effect – of her single releases of late. Her songs are upbeat and entertaining while also having heart and substance, and they’re clearly appreciated, with solid airplay on Australian radio, on CMC/CMT, streams of over 231 000 on Spotify and over 400 000 views on YouTube, along with additions to Spotify’s ‘Fresh Country’ and Apple Music’s ‘Aussie Country’ playlists.

Cassidy-Rae’s latest single, ‘Dose of You’, marks a lyrical change in direction from her recent singles – it’s all about desire, about yearning for more in any facet of life. Cassidy-Rae has the right voice for this kind of pop song too, giving life to the lyrics with sincerity in this country-pop song produced by Michael Carpenter at Love Hz in Sydney.

The videos accompanying Cassidy-Rae’s songs always offer something extra and fun, and the video for ‘Dose of You’ is no different, with a twist coming at the end. So if you’re in one of the three locked-down states and looking for something to brighten your day, a dose of Cassidy-Rae is the prescription.