New Zealand artist Kaylee Bell is well known to Australian country music artists as she has spent a lot of time here. In 2013 Bell won Toyota Star Maker, the final of which is held during the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Samantha McClymont is a previous winner of this prestigious award, and thus a connection was forged between Bell and The McClymonts, although Bell’s affection for the band dates back further: ‘It is no secret that I have always been the biggest fan of The McClymonts,’ she says. ‘After seeing their live show when I was 18,  they inspired me to pursue a career in country music as I instantly loved their sound and live energy.’ Bell has since toured with The McClymonts around Australia.

Bell wrote her new single ‘Before I Met You’ during lockdown says she could hear the McClymonts’ voices ‘all over the track, so I sent it to them, and was so stoked when they agreed to join me on this really special collaboration.’ The track – the fourth single from Bell’s new album, due for release in September – was produced by Andy Mak, who is also The McClymonts’ producer. He has brought that country-pop expertise to this song, which is a high-energy dancing-around-the-locked-down-house number that along with previous single releases, including ‘That Summer’, suggests that Bell’s album will be just the mood-lifter we all need.

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