Every month there are such great songs being released by Australian country music artists – these playlists aim to capture all single releases in the previous calendar month. Track listing after the Spotify player.

Aleyce Simmonds – ‘Designated Driver’ 

Amber Lawrence – ‘Bring it Back’

Andy Penkow – ‘Before I Go’

Anita Spring – ‘American Pie’ 

Ashleigh Dallas – ‘Couldn’t Keep Up’

Blake O’Connor – ‘Soul Feeling’

Camille Trail – ‘I Know I’m Hard to Love’

Candice Kingston – ’20 Page Letter’

Catherine Britt – ‘Home Truths’

Della Harris – ‘Next Life’

Donna Fisk – ‘Crying Over’

Eagle & the Wolf – ‘Something Good’

Freya Josephine Hollick – ‘Vivian, June, Dolly and Jolene’ 

Frock n Troll – ‘Streets of Life’

Gareth Leach – ‘The Drive’

Gemma Louise – ‘Blue’

Harvey Russell – ‘Gave You Flowers’

Jake Davey – ‘Ends with Y’

James Johnston – ‘Raised Like That’

Jayne Denham – ‘Wanted’

Josh Setterfield – ‘Right About Now’

Katelann Maree – ‘Grandad’s Guitar’

Kaylee Bell ft The McClymonts – ‘Before I Met You’

Kylie Ryan – ‘For the First Time’

Lucie Tiger – ‘Midnight Goodbye’

Matt Ward – ‘Bondi’s No Place for a Cowboy’

Michael Carpenter and the Banks Brothers – ‘These Arms’

Natalie Henry – ‘More Than a Woman’

Pale Ailments – ‘On Our Own’

Piper Butcher – ‘Before the Thunder’

Riley Catherall – ‘Mother Please’

Sarah Leete – ‘One That Got Away’

Stewart Barton – ‘You Are Beautiful’

Sue Ray – ‘Demons Will Win’

The Kindly Ravens – ‘Silver and Gold’

The Weeping Willows ft Nick Charles – ‘Hangman’

Toria Richings – ‘Where it All Began’