Taylor Moss is a singer-songwriter who released her first single, ‘Stuck in My Head’, in 2012, which was the year she won the Urban Country Music Festival’s talent quest. Her next single, ‘Bittersweet’, wasn’t released until 2017 but since then Moss has released some great country-pop songs on a fairly regular basis. The latest, ‘Chaser’, was added to several Spotify and Apple Music playlists on release, and in the US was added to Spotify’s top 100 New Music Nashville playlist – the only Australian track in the playlists’s Top 100.

‘Chaser’ was written by Moss with Golden Guitar winner Andrew Swift. Moss says, ‘I had written in my notes in my phone “I need a chaser” for 3 years. We hit the very first 2020 lockdown nationwide and I messaged Andrew and asked if he would be keen for a co-write via Zoom and that I had concept I’d love to try. We wrote “Chaser” within 3 hours. We both were absolutely stoked with the finished product. We both wanted to record it ’cause we loved it so much. I ended up recording it obviously but we are both so proud of what we created that day in lockdown.’ 

When asks if she prefers writing on her own or co-writing, Moss says, ‘I love coming up with concepts and ideas. All of the songs that I write are from personal experiences. I like to write about my journey and speak my truth. Co-writes are fun cause you get to share stories with some of your friends, whether they are good are bad experiences. As writers, they understand. It’s almost like a free therapy session for two creative people who need an emotion out with words. Plus, we were put on this earth to inspires and share special moments with people. I really enjoy co-writing.’

In addition to the Urban talent quest win, Moss was a Toyota Star Maker finalist in 2015. ‘I met so many amazing musicians,’ says of being part of Star Maker. ‘It was an incredible experience to bond with others who share the same passion as you. The experience personally helped me grow as an artist. It allowed me to play with an amazing band, sing on a big stage and feel real nerves. I think when you’re nervous about something it means you’re passionate. From passion comes fire, from fire comes flame from flame comes heat. It allowed me to feel completely warmed and comforted by country music. It took that experience to realise it’s what I want to do and where I want to be.’

Moss is clearly comfortable in a recording studio, given how strong her singles are, but some artists prefer performing live to recording, and the reverse can also be true. Moss says that she thinks ‘they both give you a liberating feeling. Performing is a thrill like no other. Every single time you step onto a stage it’s an experience that is never one and the same. Different people, different vibes and different feeling. You could be having a bad day and step onto a stage, forget about what is happening and be in the moment and it instantly lifts your spirits. On the other hand, you could be having an amazing day and there will be a technical difficultly on stage. Each experience makes you grow.

‘Recording is a whole other kettle of fish! Its the most incredible feeling to have a finished product that you’ve been working on. All you want to do it share it with the world. The only difference between the two [performing and recording] is [with] performing, you only capture the attention of people in the room; recording and releasing you have the capability to capture the attention of people around the world via streaming platforms.’ 

Having released a few singles now, it’s a good time to ask Moss if she has a favourite – or if she can’t possibly choose one over the others.

‘I am super close to all of my songs,’ she says, ‘but one I am super proud of to date is “Ain’t No Girly Girl”.  Not only has it got 1.6 million streams BUT it’s captured the hearts of so many beautiful women around the world. It’s completely me to a T, no pun intended! The concept and lyrics were me literally just explaining the type of person I am and handing it to listeners on a silver platter. What’s even cooler is the message is about you can be a girl who curls their hair, drinks rum, go fishing and rides motorbikes and still feel like a princess. 

Moss has said that ‘Chaser’ is about finding the light at the end of the tunnel – given that a few of us have been in lockdown tunnels lately, it seems appropriate to ask if there are some ‘lights’ that have helped her when she’s felt like she’s in a tunnel.

‘The light at the end of the tunnel is growing into a strong woman,’ she says. ‘Some people unfortunately bring you down in life, but every experience you go through, iIf it doesn’t make you hurt, then you haven’t had a chance to grow. I love learning and I love growing. Even if I’ve had some hurdles on the way, I always come out the other side a better person. 

‘I’m learning who I am every minute of the day and I will continue to grow into the woman I’m meant to be.’

Moss’s upbeat tunes have no doubt brought some light of their own to fans over the past few months – and the good news is that she has already recorded a new song.

‘I can’t wait to share it with everyone,’ she says. ‘It has a very strong message. Probably my strongest message to date. I can’t wait to show you!’

‘Chaser’ is out now.

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