Hunter Valley, NSW/Wonnarua country singer-songwriter Piper Butcher released her debut single ‘Haunting Your Thoughts’ in May this year, and it was an audacious start: a big song, and a big sound. But with the release of her second single, ‘Before the Thunder’, it became clear that Butcher had every right to be bold, because while ‘Before the Thunder’ is quite a different song it has the same sense of clarity and command from this young artist.

Both songs are contained in Butcher’s new EP, September, along with three new songs, and all five are lyrically strong and musically assured – and completely entertaining. As clear as it is that Butcher is an artist with a good sense of who she is and how she wants to express that, it’s also clear that she wants to connect with listeners. You can almost hear her opening her heart in the studio, and hear it breaking a bit too, and in those moments of vulnerability we trust that she is showing us who she is. This EP is a thoughtfully constructed bluesy, sometimes swampy, sometimes rocky, treat, with Butcher’s voice as the central feature. But the main take-home message is this: five songs aren’t enough. So let’s hope there are more soon from this talented artist.

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