Each month there are so many great songs being released by Australian country music artists that it can be hard to keep up. That’s where this playlist comes in! It features Australian country music single releases from the past calendar month. The track listing appears below the player.

Adam Harvey – ‘Lindeman Again’

Andrew Swift – ‘Courting Calamity’

Aurelle Brunjes – ‘Magpie’

Becci Nethery – ‘Feels Like Home’

Billy & the Bandits – ’36 Pennies’

Blake Dantier – ‘Layover’

Brittany Elise – ‘Sunshine Hurricane’

Christie Lamb ft Timothy James Bowen – ‘Up All Night’

Colin Lillie – ‘The War’

Copperline – ‘If You Knew Me at All’

Darlinghurst – ‘Bad Things’

Don Morrison – ‘Grand Junction Road’

Emma Dykes – ‘Walk a Mile’

Frock n Troll – ‘Red Dirt Country’

Grace Mae – ‘The Music Goes On’

Hayley Jensen – ‘Better Than That’

Ian Burns – ‘The Climb’

Jacynta’Lee – ‘Dream’

Jade Holland – ‘Fight for It’

Jarred Taylor – ‘Miss You’

Juliet Oliver – ‘I Do it To Myself’

Katie Bates – ‘Wishing Away Her Happiness’

Katie Brianna – ‘Home’

Larry Cann – ‘Country Cool’

Laura Frank – ‘Pretty’

Leticia Maher – ‘Little Lies’

Lontano – ‘Half Seas’

Lynchburg – ‘Guilty as Charged’

Mandy Hawkes – ‘We Were Just Kids’

Matt Scullion – ‘Christmas in Australia’

Rachael Fahim – ‘Darts in the Dark’

Route 33 – ‘Troublemaker’

Ryan Daykin – ‘Broken Feathers’

Sandee Facy – ‘The Ride’

Shane Nicholson – ‘Helena’

Sharna Burcher – ‘Rise from the Ashes’

Tania Murray – ‘Follow Me Down to the River’

The Cartwheels – ‘Is She the Only One’

The Little Lord Street Band – ‘High Beams’

Tony Kennelly – ‘Sailing’

Toria Richings – ‘Truck Stops’

Will Day – ‘Won’t Break Me’