As the year draws to a close, Australian country music artists keep releasing great songs. Lockdowns have not slowed them – and we are the beneficiaries! Here is this month’s Spotify playlist featuring latest single releases – you can also find it on YouTube. The track listing appears after the player.

Adam Brand – ‘Still the One’

Albert Loss – ‘Papunya Road’

Amber Lawrence – ‘I’m Coming Home’

Bella Mackenzie – ‘Make Me Wanna Love’

Billie-Jo Porter – ‘Eyes Wide Open’

Blake O’Connor – ‘Kickin a Rock’

Brad Butcher – ‘Cutting Peoples Grass’

Brewn – ‘Paper Aeroplanes’

Brock Colley – ‘Rush’

Bronwyn – ‘Change My Mind’

Cassidy-Rae – ‘Amazing’

Charlie’s Attic – ‘Never Too Old’

Chris Rose – ‘Hometown’

Courtney Keil – ‘Little Heartbreak’

Ella Powell – ‘Paper Town’

Ellen Tefanis – ‘More Than a Hat’

Faith Julija – ‘It’s December’

Gina Jeffreys & Tania Kernaghan – ‘My Old Friend’

Hudson Rose – ‘Drivin’ to You’

Jade Gibson – ‘Soundtracks’

James Johnston – ‘Small Town’

Jetty Road – ‘Jingle Bells’

Kate Hindle – ‘Take it All In’

Katie Brooke – ‘Wanted Man’

Kaylee Bell ft Lindsay Ell – ‘Living Free’

Kiara Rodrigues – ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’

LEO and Chad Steele – ‘North Star’

Lucie Tiger – ‘Do Me Right’

Michael Carpenter and the Banks Brothers – ‘Where My Heart Used to Be’

Pete Cullen – ‘Talkin’ Honestly’

Shyanne Irwin – ‘It’s Just a House’

Steve Cheers – ‘The Measure of a Man’

Storm & Stone – ‘Fire & Smoke’

Susan Muranty – ‘Silent Night (River of Stars)’

Suz Dorahy – ‘Tell You’

Tahlia Matheson ft Chev Wilson – ‘Only Got Tonight’

Taylor Moss – ‘Get It Girl’

The April Family – ‘Baby, I’m Gone’

The Kindly Ravens – ‘Bittersweet Lie’

The Redlands – ‘River’

Wesley Dean – ‘Never Thought of You’