Colin Lillie is a Scot now residing in Alice Springs/Mparntwe who released his first single, ‘The War’, in October 2021. The track was produced by Catherine Britt, and it is Britt who joins Lillie on his second single, ‘The Road’. Both tracks are from Lillie’s forthcoming EP, which will be released on Britt’s label, Beverley Hillbilly Records.

‘The Road’ is a love song with a paradox built in, because as strong as the love is the protagonist will eventually head out on the road. As a duet, it introduces the idea that both partners in the relationship also have a relationship with the road – but they will pull back together eventually. Ultimately, therefore, it’s about how elastic the relationship can be and the strength of that elasticity.

And oh, how glorious these two sound singing together. Lillie’s voice is rich and warm, and Britt’s voice matches it in strength, adding her brand of subtlety and sweetness. They give already evocative lyrics an extra layer of meaning, creating a stunningly memorable song.

‘The Road’ is out now on Beverley Hillbilly Records / MGM Distribution.

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