If you love songs that immediately take you to a particular place and hold you there, ‘6718’ by JoKeria is a must-listen track. Named for the postcode of Roebourne, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, and this is a song that evokes the home of JoKeria’s band members, singer/guitarist Kendall Smith and drummer Josh Philpot.

‘6718’ is a song about returning home after being on the road too long and it really gives you that sense of being on a long drive across vast distances, and that yearning for home while also being present in what you’re doing. Kendall Smith has a fantastic voice that will draw you into this song. And if you’re new to the band make sure you listen to their albums Red Country and Back No More. This is country music born in the red dirt of the west and it will really get its hooks into you. 

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