As there weren’t many singles released in December 2021 this playlist is a combination of music released in that month and in January 2022. As Spotify removed the last playlist for no good reason these playlists will henceforth be created in YouTube. The track listing appears below the player.

Andrew Farriss – ‘With the Kelly Gang’

Andy Penkow – ‘1993’

Anita Spring – ‘Not That Kind of Girl’

Ashleigh Dallas – ‘Dancing in the Kitchen’

Benn Gunn – ‘A Bit More Aussie’

Briana Dinsdale – ‘I’ll Run to You’

Brooke McClymont & Adam Eckersley    – ‘Star of the Show’

Bryce Sainty – ‘This Summer’s the One’

Camille Trail – ‘Oh Darling’

Colin Lillie & Catherine Britt – ‘The Road’

Corey Legge – ‘What Now?’

D Henry Fenton – ‘Ruby (Days Gone By)’

Darlinghurst – ‘Unforgettable’

Della Harris – ‘Truth Juice’

Delsinki with Monique Brumby – ‘Time’

Fanny Lumsden – ‘Tidy Town’

Fanny Lumsden – ‘Dig’ (variation)

Grayson – ‘Unsolved Mystery’

Hello Jane – ‘Never Alone’

Jamie Lindsay – ‘Carry On’

Jason Owen – ‘Sing Australia’

JoKeria – ‘6718’

Kristy Cox – ‘Appalachian Blue’

Lisa De Angelis – ‘Tumblin’ Back’

Lontano – ‘December’

Lynchburg – ‘I Love this Rodeo’

McAlister Kemp – ‘After the Breakdown’

Michael Carpenter and the Banks Brothers – ‘New Town’

Michael Waugh – ‘He Taught Me’

Miller Yule – ‘Lock Me Up’

Natalie Pearson – ‘Everywhere’

Pale Ailments – ‘Deception’

Piper Butcher – ‘Long Road’

Rae Leigh – ‘Just Like That’

Reg Lindsay and Jodie Crosby – ‘Silence on the Line’

Renee Jonas – ‘Step Up’

Sara Storer and James Blundell – ‘Sweet Dreams Way Out West’

Suga Owens – ‘Weekend Time’

The Pleasures – ‘The Beginning of the End’

The Viper Creek Band – ‘The Power of Music’

Vixens of Fall – ‘If You Don’t Want My Love’

Willow – ‘Small Hometown’