These monthly playlists collect all the Australian country music singles released over the past month, and each month there are so many good songs – which is why it’s handy that they’re all collected in the one place. The track listing appears below the YouTube player.

Ben Ransom – ‘Livin’

Bo’Ness – ‘Light up the Airwaves’

Colin Buchanan – ‘In Real Life’

Copperline – ‘Lucinda’

Dan Lynch – ‘Big Wide Sky’

Duncan Phillips – ‘One Way Ticket’

Ella Powell – ‘Side Effects’

Gareth Leach – ‘God’s Walking Out on Me’

Grace Amos – ‘Decide’

Grace Mae – ‘Skipped a Beat’

Hinterland – ‘Treating Me Good’

Ian Burns – ‘The Outlaws’

Jade Holland – ‘Summertime, Sunshine & You’

Jake Davey – ‘Admire’

James Johnston – ‘Anything Like Me’

Jasmin Bade – ‘Rent’

JD Reynolds – ‘Rebound’

Jenny Mitchell – ‘Somehow’

Josh Setterfield – ‘Better Off’

Kora Naughton – ‘Till We Drop’

Lontano – ‘King Street’

Loren Ryan – ‘Eventually’

Lucie Tiger – ‘Right Next to You’

Lyn Bowtell – ‘I Won’t Do That Again’

Melanie Dyer – ‘Cheap Moscato’

Mike Carr – ‘Haircut’

Natalie Pearson – ‘Lovin’ in the Fast Lane’

Nick O’Mara – ‘Broken Toys’

Paul Costa – ‘Drinkin’ Hours’

Petric and Hayley Jensen – ‘Flirtin”

Rae Leigh – ‘Push Em Up Jill’

Raechel Whitchurch – ‘Sure Thing (Reimagined)’

Ronel Hunter – ‘Dang Black Dog’

Sabrina Durante – ‘Glad It’s Not Me’

Sammy White – ‘Friends with the Bottle’

Sarah Leete – ‘Used’

Siobhan Cotchin – ‘Tucson’

The Weeping Willows – ‘House of Sin’

Tony Kennelly – ‘Kicking Stones’

Tori Darke – ‘Sit in a Bar’