Lewis McKee is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Bundaberg, Queensland/Taribelang-Bunda land, whose musical influences inclue blues, country, rock ‘n’ roll and pop. McKee has developed his craft over a decade of playing in pubs and clubs, and he released his debut single, ‘Into My Soul’, in February.

‘I wrote this song after what started as a night out with mates in Brisbane,’ says McKee. ‘I met a lady that, honestly, if there was a Vegas-style marriage celebrant around I reckon we probably would have ended up hitched that night.

‘I never saw her again, didn’t get a number and to this day (embarrassingly) I can’t remember her last name, so could never track her down. Anyway, I’m grateful for the fun-filled night and for the lyrics that emerged thereafter.’

The view for ‘Into My Soul’ is having its premiere here today … and let’s just say it’s a boot-scootin’ good time. Which is also an accurate description of this country-rock track about what-ifs.

Instagram: @lewismckeemusic