The 2018 Toyota Star Maker winner and multiple Golden Guitar nominee Brad Cox has released his first new music since his ARIA-nominated 2020 album My Mind’s Projection with the single ‘What Brought You Back’. It’s a welcome reminder of the talent and power Cox has displayed since his first, self-titled, album and that voice which can be unleashed full throttle in a band setting but which – as you’ll know if you’ve seen him play acoustic live or on the 2021 EP What’s Your Favourite Country Song? – can have just as much impact alone with a guitar.

‘What Brought You Back’ is a break-up song – or, rather, a not-sure-about-the-break-up song – written in Nashville by Cox with Phil Barton and Dave Thompson and Cox will be out in support of it with a big run of dates (below). He’s also working on more new music, having spent the pandemic, in his words, ‘throwing tantrums at the world, drinking too much, drinking not enough, trying to stay positive, failing, not talking to anyone for 2 months, chasing cows’ on his patch of land in central Queensland. That time away from music seems to have been good for him, though, if this new song is anything to go by.