These are the Australian (and New Zealand) country music singles released in the past calendar month, available to listen/watch on YouTube.

Abbie Ferriss – ‘Drunk on You Like Wine’

Alan Fletcher ft Alyce Platt – ‘Sorry is the Word’

Amy Sheppard – ‘Nothing But Wild’

Andrew Swift – ‘Young Lovers’

Andy Penkow – ‘Fallen Snow’

Big Sky Mountain – ‘The Great Escape’

Brad Butcher – ‘Other Plans’

Brad Cox – ‘What Brought You Back’

Clint Wilson – ‘People Don’t Think Like Us’

Darren Colston – ‘Hello Riverina’

Dave Favours & The Roadside Ashes – ‘Cleveland’

Emmagen Rain – ‘You and I’

Frock n Troll – ‘Little Dirt Road’

Georgia State Line – ‘Jackson’

Harry Foxton – ‘Howling Love’

Hoochie Mama – ‘Last Dime Whiskey and My Motorbike’

Hurricane Fall – ‘This Night Forever’

Jamie Lindsay – ‘Bumper 2 Bumper’

Jenny Mitchell – ‘Lucy’

Jenny Spear – ‘Perfect Shade of Red’

Jim Williams – ‘Soldiers’

Kate Leahy – ‘Follow Me’

Kirsty Lee Akers – ‘Wild One’

Korey Livy – ‘Second Chance’

Lucie Tiger – ‘Alabama Highway’

Lyn Bowtell – ‘Woman to Woman’

Mason Hope – ‘Lonely Hunter’

Matt Joe Gow – ‘Sweet Collapse’

Natalie Henry – ‘Blue’

Oscar Litchfield – ‘Call Me Up’

Pete Cullen – ‘Heavy Damage’

Rob Imeson – ‘Memory Deep’

Ron Sinclair – ‘A Man of Many Words’

Ross Webb – ‘I Was Only 19’

Tania Murray ft Nardia Drayton – ‘One More Chance’

Taylor Moss – ‘What Am I Gonna Do?’

TC Cassidy – ‘Ain’t Too Late (to Start Again)’

The April Family – ‘Matilda’    

The Long and the Short of It – ‘Cowboy Lonesome’

The Whitlams, Black Stump Band – ‘The Day John Sattler Broke His Jaw’

Willow – ‘Please Make it Me’