**Mistakes I made in this video: The Buckleys’ album is called DAYDREAM (not BREATHE) and Amber Lawrence has won five Golden Guitars (I said she had been nominated for five). Plus McAlister Kemp’s tour starts in August and the co-writer of Tom Curtain’s song whom I forgot was Matt Scullion. Oh well. Video is not my natural medium. But I’m doing my best!**

Mentioned in this video:

‘Red Wine and Blue’ by Emily Hatton

‘Snakes in the Grass’ by Jenny Mitchell – her album TUG OF WAR will be out in July and she is about to tour with Fanny Lumsden

‘Oops I Love You’ by The Buckleys

‘Run’ by Duncan Toombs

‘Good Morning Moon’ by Kristy Cox

‘Lonesome Now I’m Gone’ by The Weeping Willows from REAP WHAT YOU SOW

‘Making Up for Lost Wine’ by Amber Lawrence  – her album LIVING FOR THE HIGHLIGHTS will be out in July

‘Why We Live Out Here’ by Tom Curtain 

On tour: McAlister Kemp, 4’s a Party (Tori Darke, Brook Chivell, Natalie Pearson, Jeremy Turner)