It has been forty years since Jodi Vaughan and Brendan Dugan released the album Fairweather Friends, which went platinum in New Zealand. The pair became known to NZ audiences over eight years as part of TVNZ’s That Country. Often singing together as a duet, they also appeared in Royal Variety performances and in sellout tours across New Zealand as well as tours in the US.

‘I’ll Be There for You’ is the first song they have released as a duet since Fairweather Friends. It is a testament to the power of friendship and connection, and a reminder that even the strong need someone to lean on sometimes – a message that surely many of us need at this point in history, and one that Vaughan and Dugan deliver with power and emotion. It appears on Vaughan’s 2022 album For the Love of Country, which went to number 1 in its opening week on the official NZ Album Charts in May and number 1 on the IMNZ Chart, 40 years to the week of Fairweather Friends taking its highest chart position. 

The video for ‘I’ll Be There for You’ is having its premiere today, and shows the pair together now as well as glimpses from their past – visually representing the message of the song, and showing that this musical pair still bring out the best in each other. You can watch the video below.