JESA is a singer-songwriter from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales whose childhood included climbing underneath the barbed-wire fence that separated her home from the neighbour’s, where she’d learn guitar from a local musician in a bluegrass band. While still a young adult she played Bluesfest, Nimbins Roots Festival and DIY Festival Brisbane, as well as opening for artists such as Kim Churchill.

In 2020 JESA released her debut single ‘You Before Me’, and now she has released the captivating folk-infused ‘Black Swan’, in which her light-hearted vocals are both at odds with the dark subject matter but also a statement of intent: she will not be kept down. Says JESA of the song’s origins, ‘I wrote this track at a pivotal turning point in my life as I was coming to terms with having depression. It metaphorically describes mental illness as being a toxic relationship you want to break from.’

JESA is working on an EP, due for release later this year.

You can find ‘Black Swan’ on Bandcamp or on streaming services.