David Baird and Patsy Toop OAM are also known as the duo The Long and Short of It – a band name that begs for an explanation, which they gave me when I interviewed them recently. Both band members are highly experienced musicians who draw their influences from traditional country music as well as more contemporary sounds, and their achievement as performers and songwriters have been recognised with the Tamworth Songwriters Award (2011), a Tasmanian Independent Country Music Award for Most Popular Duo (2016), three times winning an Indie Country Music Australia (ICMA) Award for Most Popular Independent Country Duo (2017, 2019 & 2021), a Southern Star Award for Best Duo or Band (2016) and twice winning a Gold Media Medallion Award for Best Duo Nationally (2015 & 2018). Their latest album – their sixth – is Midnight Choir and it was a great pleasure to be able to chat to them about it recently. You can watch that chat on YouTube or listen in Soundcloud.