One of the advantages of now conducting interviews on video is that there’s more opportunity for conversation to flow, and for artists to talk in detail about their work – over the phone, without the ability to properly converse, it can be hard to know how far to take a certain subject as I can’t gauge if the interviewee is interested in it. That means we might often not have strayed too far from the initial subject of the interview. Interviewing Central Coast (NSW) artist Jamie Lindsay for the second time, about his new single ‘Bring on the Summertime’, meant being able to find out a lot more about his long career as a performing artist who plays dozens of times a year – about what that entails, how to sustain it, and how to maintain passion for your work. We did also talk about the new song and about songwriting, but for anyone who is interested in the detail of being a working musician, this is a must-watch/must-listen. And you can do that in YouTube or on Soundcloud.