Jen Mize is a classically trained musician who is also a singer for whom superlatives could have been invented – whether on a recording or live, her voice is rich and nuanced as well as aiming straight for the heart and soul of the listener – and if that sounds grandiose, well, please see the line above about superlatives. To match and support such an artist, obviously a similarly spectacular band is needed – and Mize has created this in The Rough n’ Tumble, whose members are esteemed musicians Jeremy Edwards (guitars/vocals), Mitch Power (guitars/vocals), Zac Watson(bass), Andy Shrav (keys/vocals), Steve Fearnley (drums), Tristan Rogers (trumpet) and Matt Luff(saxophone).

The debut single from Jen Mize & The Rough n’ Tumble was ‘Elevator Ride’, released in June. Their second single, ‘All Riled Up’, was released in late September. While there are plenty of things to get riled up about in life – bad traffic, bad neighbours, bad colleagues, for instance – this is a song about the more swoony, unrequited-love kind of riled up. Mize and the band deliver it with the right balance of country, soul and blues to ensure that the listener doesn’t just hear the story in the song but is drawn into it too.

The video for ‘All Riled Up’ is having its premiere here today, and you can watch it below.

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