Christmas songs aren’t for everyone, of course – not everyone celebrates that particular holiday. And even those who do may not turn on the Christmas tunes until at least Christmas Eve. But 2022 Golden Guitar winner – and four-time 2023 Golden Guitar nominee – Angus Gill makes a persuasive case for cranking up the Christmas music well in advance of 25 December with his new EP, The Gilly Season. Gill is one of the most prolific and entertaining singer-songwriters at work in Australian country music, and he also knows his music history, so he knew that creating a Christmas EP would mean coming up with something that hadn’t been done before but which could immediately take its place alongside the canon of Australian carols as well as Mariah Carey. And, listener, he’s cracked it (Christmas pun slightly intended) – for it is hard to resist a set of songs that begins with the line ‘When you hear Bublé in the IGA …’ – at least, it is for this interviewer. It was great fun to talk to the man himself recently to find out all about The Gilly Season. You can watch that chat on YouTube, or listen in Soundcloud or on the podcast.