Although we’re meant to be past the worst of the pandemic and all the change is has wrought, that hasn’t necessarily meant that everything is back to normal and hunky-dory. People are tired – perhaps a little fed up – and given what’s been going on that’s understandable. Yet part of what makes musicians, in particular, such an important part of every culture and now more so than ever is their ability to capture an experience, a memory, a place or a time so succinctly and convey it in a way that we can all have a few minutes of respite or joy or escapism – whatever the song brings. Victorian artist Brendan McMahon has created such an experience with his new single, ‘New Country Morning’, which is not taken from his 2022 album … as the Road Unfolds as McMahon has been writing so many songs that he has already moved on from that album. ‘New Country Morning’ is optimistic and celebratory, and just the antidote we need to that tired, fed-up feeling. We talked recently about the song and what else is coming up for him. You can watch that chat on YouTube, or listen in Soundcloud or on the podcast.