In 2021 singer-songwriter Kerryn Fields released a remarkable album called Water. In songs inspired by nature and love as well as heartbreak, the Aotearoa New Zealand native and Melbourne resident opened her heart and revealed that there is plenty of joy in it and appreciation for the world around her. It is fitting, then, that the video for her latest single, ‘Until You’ – produced by Heaps Stoked – contains both those elements. Field says of the song that it’s ‘a love song written down by the river where many love stories begin!’ While the setting for the video is terrestrial, that water element is present in the grace of Fields and her co-star as they move through the story.

‘The video for “Until You”, to me is a story of acceptance and healing in a sacred space, not one of religion but of peace and kindness,’ says Fields.

‘My place to find God has always been in nature, but for too long the LGBTIQA+ community has been persecuted in traditional sacred spaces and in modern society it feels so archaic, and I believe it’s time to adjust that narrative.

‘Religion can really have a negative impact on our community after centuries of exclusion and bigotry, and through the video for “Until You” I hope to move that message and explore faith and faith-based safe spaces. Most importantly it looks to explore my reality that “love is love” no matter your faith, beliefs or orientation.’

That video is having its premiere here today and you can watch it below.