Melbourne band Kingswood have released four studio albums and one Christmas album, which was a jazz album and not at all like the rest of their recorded music, which is usually classified as rock. Last year they released a new single, ‘Burning Holes’, which heralded a shift towards country music that will manifest more fully on their forthcoming album. The reasons behind the shift in genre became clear when I interviewed band co-founded Alex Laska on the band bus as they were on their way to this year’s Tamworth Country Music festival. Laska’s musical background is vast, as is his musical curiosity, and he shares that with the other Kingswood co-founder, Fergus Linacre. You can watch our chat on YouTube – NB: the audio quality isn’t ideal in parts, due to Laska being in transit.

Kingswood at Tamworth Country Music Festival:

Monday 16 January – The Tamworth Hotel

Wednesday 18 January – The Longyard Hotel at 8 p.m.

Kingswood are embarking on an extensive national tour – tour poster below the YouTube embed or go to for details.