Melody Moko released her first album, The Wreckage, in 2017 and followed with Two Kids and a Radio in 2021, winning a Golden Guitar for Best New Talent to go with the fans she had already made supporting artists like Fanny Lumsden then headlining her own shows. Through those two albums Moko established herself as a songwriter with gravitas and a captivating singer. Her third album, Suburban Dream, has just been released and it continues Moko’s commitment to being an unflinching examiner of her own life and of human life, as well as someone who can write and deliver great melodies. Before we started recording this interview I told Moko that there would be no frippery and we’d go straight to the marrow of her album, and Moko was as insightful and interesting as her work suggests. (NB: Around the 16-minute mark there was a break when someone knocked on my door, so there’s a slight repetition of subject matter after we started recording again.) You can watch our chat on YouTube, or listen in Soundcloud or on the podcast. | Listen to Suburban Dream on Apple Music