Given the hectic schedule six-piece Sydney band The Mezcaltones had at this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival, you’d think they’d want to have a little lie-down before they launch into any new projects. Instead they have gone right back to their busy gig schedule and launched a new album, their fourth, Agavé Soirée, which captures the band’s dynamic live sound and will no doubt be a welcome souvenir for their many devoted fans, some of whom make sure they see them in Tamworth every year. And I know this because I’ve known them for years – Neralita and I used to be in a band together, and I’ve seen The Mezcaltones play countless times.

So that’s the context for this interview with Neralita and lead singer Col Padre, in which we probably all seem a little more familiar with each other than usual. But I haven’t seen The Mezcaltones play live that many times because I feel an obligation – I do it because they are very, very good and always entertaining. You can watch our chat on YouTube, or listen in Soundcloud or on the podcast. | Pre-order Agavé Soirée