Jake Whittaker has been a musician for quite a while, but for most of that time he was not performing country music. Whittaker has an extensive background in funk, blues and soul but his heart has long been in country – and he has now released his first country music single, ‘Round Here’. Whittaker’s range of influences can be heard in the song, which is about escaping the rat race and reconnecting to the country (and as the music video is referred to in the interview, it’s included below).

While ‘Round Here’ is his only release to date, Whittaker found himself co-writing with Matt Cornell and Adam Brand on their latest release, ‘Our Church’, and we talk about that as well as ‘Round Here’. You can watch our chat on YouTube, or listen in Soundcloud or on the podcast.

https://www.jakewhittaker.com.au | Listen to ‘Round Here’ on Apple Music