The opening line of ‘Jay’, the new single from Brisbane alt-country band Good Will Remedy, tells us that this is a song that is not going to hide from the truth or from its hard nature. ‘What a waste,’ sings bassist, singer and songwriter Will Lebihan, ‘gonna miss your face’. He is singing to the titular Jay, and we know immediately that whatever has happened to Jay, there is no return. Lebihan’s voice is full of wry regret – the sound of someone who is sad but not entirely surprised by the turn of events.

‘”Jay” is a song about loss but not sadness,’ explains Lebihan. ‘It’s a song that feels like timeless memories – personal, yet relatable. Whilst there is undeniable pain in losing someone, particularly suddenly, I wanted the song to project positivity via a warm and uplifting arrangement – one that could provide a form of comfort in knowing that there is a better place for us all.’

Given the straightforward expression of experience and emotion in the song, it’s appropriate that the music video features Lebihan singing straight to the camera, his bandmates – drummer Rob Penman and guitarists Mitch Reid and Dave Newman – slowly joining him to toast their absent friend. That video is having its premiere here today, and you can see it below.

‘Jay’ is the first single from Good Will Remedy’s forthcoming new album, and you can also find it on Bandcamp.