Queensland artist Matt Cornell has had long associations with several other Australian performers – he’s played with Richard Clapton and Shannon Noll, and in The Baby Animals – but perhaps none has been as strong and long-lasting as that with country-rock star Adam Brand. Cornell has been part of Brand’s band and worked as his musical director for several years – but they have never recorded a song together until now.

The title of that song, ‘Our Church’, comes from something that the pair established during lockdowns that upended their lives because, for the first time in years, they weren’t able to play shows. For Cornell, who usually plays dozens of gigs a year, it was a fundamental and unwelcome change, and he needed his friends – that’s where ‘church’ came from, as Cornell describes in our recent chat. Cornell knows first hand about the power of talking about what’s on your mind, and of friendships.

You can watch our chat on YouTube, or listen in Soundcloud or on the podcast.

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