I avoided Spotify for a while but have now returned with a different take on my old playlists. Instead of all the releases for a particular calendar month the playlists will be ‘new + old’ – the latest and greatest country music songs from Australian artists, plus some old favourites. You can also listen on YouTube – both links are below.



Brad Butcher – ‘Look What You’ve Done to Me’

Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley – ‘Lost if I Lost You’

Brooke Schubert – ‘New Kids in Town’

Bryce Sainty – ‘Sideline’

Caitlyn Shadbolt – ‘Monsters’

Hayley Jensen – ‘Bring it On’

Hudson Rose – ‘Fireflies in Tennessee’

Jade Gibson – ‘Unforgivingly Me’

James Reyne and Ella Hooper – ‘Way Out West’

Jason Owen and Tania Kernaghan – ‘Let Your Love Flow’

Jimbo Stokes – ‘Headed Country’

JoKeria – ‘Forgotten Town’

Kaitlyn Thomas – ‘Pretty Little Thing’

Melanie Dyer – ‘Song for That’

Natalie Pearson – ‘Not in These Boots’

Route 33 – ‘Simple Things’

Ryan Daykin – ‘Tears of Sin’

Taylor Moss – ‘Country Proud’


Beccy Cole – ‘Lazy Bones’ (2001)

Felicity Urquhart – ‘The Girl in the Mall’ (2009)

Shane Nicholson – ‘Long Time Coming’ (2008)

Troy Cassar-Daley – ‘Lonesome But Free’ (2005)