Felicity Urquhart has recorded several albums and EPs as a solo artist and as a member of Bennett Bowtell and Urquhart, winning 13 Golden Guitars along the way. She was also the host of Saturday Night Country for several years. 

Josh Cunningham is a founding member of The Waifs, who have released 10 albums over three decades and won multiple ARIA awards. 

Together Felicity and Josh released the album The Song Club in 2021 and it was nominated for an ARIA and four Golden Guitars, and won the AIR Award for best independent country album. Since then they’ve released the single ‘Bogswamp’ and their latest song is ‘Unsteady (Ever Since You’re Gone)’. As was evident on their album, while Felicity and Josh separately create wonderful music, together they are different and just as special. 

You can watch our chat on YouTube, or listen on the podcast.

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