LEO is a singer-songwriter of alt-country and folk-influenced songs who travels the east coast of Australia playing her music. In 2021 she released an EP in 2021 and a lovely Christmas single, ‘North Star’. Last year she released an acoustic album that contains what just may be the perfect pandemic song, ‘Refund’. It’s appropriate because the album sprang from lockdowns when LEO was unable to work – as she made her living as a working musician – and going through intense personal changes.

The album covers heartbreak and renewal, hope and despair and acceptance, delivered with power and subtlety, so it was great to have a chance to talk to LEO about how she became an artist and the writing of the album. You can watch our chat on YouTube, or listen in Soundcloud or on the podcast.

LEO’s acoustic album is not available on streaming services so you can go to these links to buy it:

Physical signed album booklet – https://py.pl/BGzHQ

Digital copy – https://py.pl/9AhhmqWYUnZ