Since Brad Cox first came to our attention in 2018 he has released two studio albums and an acoustic album, and had multiple nominations for awards including Golden Guitars, ARIA and APRA. His first, self-titled album was released in 2018 and showed the breadth of Cox’s songwriting skills. His second album, My Mind’s Projection, was released in 2020. The acoustic album What’s Your Favourite Country Song? was released in 2021.

Once the world shut down Cox was landlocked and he set to creating new music. Singles ‘What Brought You Back’, ‘Single Life’ and ‘Last Time Last’ were released in 2022. Now Cox has released third studio album, Acres, and is now heading out on the road to bring the songs to his devoted fans. Just before Acres was released we talked about that album, the fans and more.

You can watch our chat on YouTube, or listen in Soundcloud or on the podcast [NB: mild language warning]. | Listen to Acres on Apple Music

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