When Clancy Pye released her self-titled EP in 2020 it was clear that she was a singer-songwriter of depth and talent, an artist who was interested in documenting the ups and downs of life and sharing that with audiences. Pye has a great, strong, emotional singing voice, so – combined with her songwriting – it’s no surprise she’s found herself as a Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist twice, in 2020 and 2022.

Pye now has a brand new song, ‘Feels Like Home’, which is one of over 150 songs she has written since releasing that EP and the first to be released from her forthcoming debut album. You can hear the warmth of Pye’s connection to home – literal and metaphorical – in this joyful song.

Says Pye of ‘Feels Like Home’: ‘One of the strongest connections I think we all have in life is our connection to home and those simple things that make us feel at home, wherever we may be.

‘As we go through life, I think we often come to think of “home” as not necessarily a place, but a feeling and I wanted this song to capture those sentiments that other people might relate to as well.

‘Where I grew up has in many ways shaped the person I’ve become and what’s important to me. This song really sets the tone for the album, which is why we wanted to release it first.’

The song also has a video, which was filmed in her home town of Oberon, New South Wales, and created by Orange, NSW-based team Dave Smyth and Toby Howell. It is having its premiere here today, and you can watch it below.