It’s been a huge month of releases for Australian country music artists – this playlist contains a selection of some great new songs as well as some old(er) favourites that deserve your attention. The playlist is available on Spotify and YouTube, and the track listing appears below the players.


Abbie Ferris – ‘My Kinda Cowboy’

Ashleigh Dallas – ‘Over to Me’

Billie-Jo Porter – ‘Upside’

Brad Butcher – ‘Ain’t Love Grand’

Brook Chivell – ‘Blue Eyes’

Burning Grace – ‘Let Me Go’

Charlie Fittler – ‘Buckin’ Luck’

Chelsea Berman – ‘Where Does That Leave Me?’

Christie Lamb – ‘Tipsy’

Clancy Pye – ‘Feels Like Home’

Clint Wilson – ‘Lot of Nerve’

Darlinghurst – ‘Pretty Doesn’t Make You Good’

Darren Colston – ‘Ruckers Hill’

Finnian Johnson – ‘July’

Hannah Gillespie – ‘This Burning Fire’

Harvey Russell – ‘Last Dance’

Hayley Marsten – ‘I Knew the Pain’

Hinterland – ‘Fragile’

Jack Biilmann – ‘Hot Blood’

Jackson James – ‘Get Around to It’

Jake Whittaker – ‘Drink to That’

James Johnston – ‘We Grew Up On’

James Keith – ‘No Hero’

Jax Tonic – ‘The Journey You’ve Had’

Jazmyn – ‘Mother’

Jess Parker – ‘Help Myself’

Jo Caseley – ‘Houseless Never Homeless’

JoKeria – ‘Without You’

Josh Setterfield – ‘Life Ain’t So Bad’

Kirsty Lee Akers – ‘Getting Over You’

Lisa De Angelis – ‘My Sister’s Blue Suitcase’

Lontano – ‘Depending on You’

Matt Joe Gow & Kerryn Fields – ‘Your Heart of Gold’

McAlister Kemp – ‘When You See Me’

Meghan Maike – ‘Redbird’

Melody Moko – ‘Ain’t What You Used to Be’

Michael Carpenter and the CRC – ‘Short Time Livin”

Nathan May – ‘It’s Gotta Start Somewhere’

Piper Rodrigues – ‘Exit Wound’

Sari Abbott – ‘Feels Like Home’

Sons of Atticus – ‘Good Guys’

Tammy Moxon – ‘Fighting Chance’

Tara-Ashleigh – ‘Love No More’

The Pleasures – ‘Paranoid’

The Wolfe Brothers – ‘Love Like That’

Woody Pitney – ‘End of the Day’

Zac and George – ‘Sleep on It’


Adam Harvey – ‘God Made Beer’

Amber Lawrence – ‘Superhero’

Karl Broadie – ‘Long, Long Way’

Kasey Chambers – ‘Southern Kind of Life’

Melanie Dyer – ‘Run Out of Road’

The McClymonts – ‘Something That My Heart Does’