Nathan May is an Arabana, Yawuru and Marridjabin man who grew up in the Northern Territory and who is now living on Kaurna country in South Australia. Last year he released the single ‘Fix It Up’ and it became immediately clear that he is an artist of great talent and subtle power.

May has now released the unforgettable single ‘It’s Gotta Start Somewhere’. ‘I wanted to write a song about my grandmother and how she grew up,’ says May of the song, which he wrote with Luke O’Shea and James Gillard. ‘My great-grandfather is a white man from overseas and my great grandmother was an Aboriginal woman born in a creek – my great grandfather did not allow Aboriginal culture in the house, and it was not allowed to be taught to the kids.’

From that family history comes a song in which each line is a story, and consolidation of May as an artist to watch. It was a pleasure to talk to him again about the new song and the other songs he’s working on. | Listen to Nathan May on Apple Music