Caitlyn Shadbolt has just released her third studio album, the irresistible Bloom & Surrender, which is a tale in two halves. Says Shadbolt of the concept behind the album: ‘For the most part, I’m a happy-go-lucky, country-loving, small town girl. But like everyone, I also have a side that is reflective and introverted. I really wanted to share both sides of me, but was unsure how best to deliver it. So here we are, with two ‘sides’, sharing the extroverted and introverted side of me!’

Bloom & Surrender follows Shadbolt’s 2020 album Stages, but she first came to public attention on The X Factor in 2014. Shadbolt is an accomplished songwriter as performer, and her excellent country-pop sensibilities are on display on her new album. We spoke recently about her new songs. | Listen to Bloom & Surrender on Apple Music

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