Jeremy Edwards is a singer, songwriter and musician from picturesque Thirroul, near Wollongong, New South Wales. He has worked with artists such as Golden Guitar winners Aleyce Simmonds, Kevin Bennett, Lyn Bowtell, Felicity Urquhart and Shane Nicholson, amongst others.

It was Urquhart, a friend of Edwards’s, for whom he wrote his latest single, ‘Ghosts’, the third single from his forthcoming album of the same name, after the death of her husband Edwards’s dear friend Glen Hannah. 

‘I had to find a way to talk about being ok after Glen,’ says Edwards. ‘So many of us had to find a way to go on. The ghosts aren’t all bad. They’re not baggage. They’re just with you. Always. Good and bad. We all have to find our way of dealing with them.’ 

And it is Nicholson who plays and sings harmonies on the track, adding a sonic sense of the past being carried with the singer but as light, not dark. 

The video for the song, which is having its premiere here today, is beautifully made, with gently moving animation that matches the lilting pace of the song. The clean lines and sense of whimsy of the drawings are a match for the lyrics, with its clear statements and intentions, and a feeling of wonder about life that comes from living it, even though – or perhaps because – it may dismay. At its core the song is about wanting love again, if the other person can handle the ghosts of the past which are, as Edwards says, there to be lived with, perhaps dealt with, but never vanquished.  

You catch watch the video below and find out more about Jeremy Edwards at

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