Nathan Seeckts is a singer and songwriter from Geelong in Victoria who released his first album, The Heart of the City, in 2019. He has been releasing some great singles over the past few months and they can be found on his new album, the richly layered, life-affirming Something Rare and Beautiful.

Seeckts has said of the album: ‘I was at a stage where personally things were heading in a more positive direction and I really wanted to capture that feeling of hope in the songs and when we laid everything down in the studio.

‘I became acutely aware of all the rare and beautiful moments rushing by us that we often take for granted in our lives and also the thousands of rare and beautiful elements of ourselves as human beings.’

It was a great pleasure to talk to Seeckts recently about the album and the stories behind it. | Listen to Something Rare and Beautiful on Apple Music

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