There is a saying, ‘A rising tide lifts all boats’, and it’s probably been used too much, or maybe I’ve heard it a lot lately, but it has another use and that is to in part describe Fanny Lumsden, eight-time Golden Guitar winner, ARIA winner, singer, songwriter, bandleader, video maker from the Upper Murray region of New South Wales. And that is because Lumsden is a rising tide.

Through her commitment to excellence in writing and making songs, in live shows, in music videos – in general a commitment to making great art – she inspires and encourages others to make their art. Through her Country Halls Tours she takes music to rural communities that may rarely, if ever, have musical artists come to play and that helps those communities feel connected and acknowledged – and also just helps them have a great evening’s entertainment.

All the rivers of Lumsden’s creativity – to continue the water-based references – flow towards her recorded music, and her fourth album, Hey Dawn, is out now. It is also her fourth work of excellence in a row, and another reason why she’s a rising tide: she keeps setting the bar for herself higher, and she keeps going over it. Everyone benefits from that, especially the listening public. I’m a fan for a reason and make no attempt to be impartial in covering Lumsden’s music, so it was an honour to talk to her about Hey Dawn recently.

Please forgive me so obviously reading questions but the interview was done on a Sunday morning at a time when I was working seven days a week and most hours of the day and I was so gaga I barely knew my own name. But Hey Dawn was making the days better and that’s part of why great music is so important: it has the ability to give respite and entertainment to help lift the spirits when times are trying, and when they’re not.

You can watch our chat on YouTube (below), or listen in Soundcloud (below) or on the podcast. It’s a long interview but worth it! | Listen to Hey Dawn on Apple Music

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