Jade Holland has released two albums, Dream Wild and Leather & Les Paul, and followed them last year with the completely infectious single ‘Oh My Heart’. She now has a new single, ‘Wild in Me’, which is captivating in a different way.

The song was written by Holland with Alys Ffion, and is, says Holland, ‘a story about how sometimes we carry our heartbreaks through to the next relationship and don’t really notice that they are holding us back from finding “the one”.’ But, says Holland, ‘Jade says: ‘Once you meet “the one”, finally those heartbreaks all seem to disappear. It makes way for this new found love in your life and those small pieces of you that were being held back, have now been embraced by this new human who loves you for exactly all that you are.’

During our chat Holland talked candidly about the writing and recording of ‘Wild in Me’ as well as other aspects of her life as an artist and how she embraces not only the wild in her but the wild life of creativity. You can watch our chat on YouTube (below), or listen on the podcast.

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