When starting an interview, even with artists I’ve interviewed before, I have no expectations about which direction the conversation may take. Part of the fun and fascination of interviewing is the not-knowing: anything can happen, and it is always going to be interesting.

Before interviewing Victorian artist Matt Malone I knew that in For the Term of My Natural Life, his third LP, he’d produced an album full of epic mini-tales (perhaps that’s a contradiction in terms, but it fits here) and thought there would be a story there about, well, storytelling. The interview moved away from music fairly quickly but came back to it, and over its course Malone was indeed fascinating to talk to. The interview could have gone much longer but attention spans being what they are, we kept it under half an hour, so you then have time to go and listen to his album.

You can watch our chat on YouTube (below), or listen in Soundcloud (below) or on the podcast.

Matt Malone bandcamp | Listen to For the Term of My Natural Life on Apple Music

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