Small Town Romance is a duo from Melbourne whose members are Flora Smith and Jim Arneman. After releasing their self-titled debut album in 2016 they released the single ‘I Don’t Believe You’ in 2020. Their latest single is the enchanting ‘Home Fires’, taken from their forthcoming second album.

Both Smith and Arneman have rich musical backgrounds. Arneman is a part of a grand Australian country music lineage: his mother, Anne Kirkpatrick, is the daughter of Slim Dusty and Joy McKean and a cherished artist in her own right. Smith too has taken a fascinating path through playing, writing and performing music, as I discovered when I talked to them both recently.

Arneman is also a filmmaker who not only created the documentary 2020 Slim & I but makes the video clips for Small Town Romance, and we spoke about that too. You can watch our chat on YouTube (below), or listen in Soundcloud (below) or on the podcast. | Listen to ‘Home Fires’ on Apple Music