Jazmyn is a photographer, music video creator and designer from south-east Queensland. She is also a singer and songwriter who has released her debut EP, Garden, which is full of heart and soul and lovely melodies.

The title track was the first single from the EP, followed by ‘Mother’ and new single ‘Lay Your Guns Down’, for which Jazmyn has – appropriately, given the other work she does – made a stunning video. Final tracks ‘God and I’ and ‘Keep Getting Greener’ round out a five-track package that has been a long time in the making, given Jazmyn’s enduring passion for music.

We discussed Jazmyn’s musical background, the new single and its video, and much more – for anyone looking to be inspired by someone who lives in constant creative flow, it’s well worth your time. You can watch our chat on YouTube (below), or listen in Soundcloud (below) or on the podcast.


Listen to Garden on Apple Music