Al Carr is an alt-country artist from Melbourne who released a self-titled EP in 2013 then the albums Gutter Truth in 2017 and Empty Skies in 2021. On 25 October he’ll release his third long player, The Right Dereliction, and from it comes the single ‘The Rose of Jericho’, which was released a couple of weeks ago.

‘It’s a driving song, using imagery that reminded me of different places, near and far,’ says Carr off the song. ‘The emotions of moving between geography, featuring a Hammond organ central to the journey.’

The rolling beat of the song takes the listener along with Carr as he explores, with each instrument playing a different and complementary part in layering the story he tells. The sound is clean and rich at the same time, evoking a sense of a traveller staying true to himself even as he encounters different places, people and times.

The video – which you can watch for the first time here today (see below) – depicts the sights and sounds of a road trip in rich colour interspersed with Carr and his band in black and white, anchoring us in the song while the imagination travels.