Jimbo Stokes grew up on the land near Tamworth in New South Wales and spent the first part of his working life in the corporate world in Sydney before moving back to the New England region, where he now works in the arts. He released his exceptional debut single, ‘Atlas’, last year then followed it with ‘Headed Country’.

His latest single is ‘Same Damn Walls’, which – like his first two singles – has elements of his personal story in it and was produced by Rod McCormack. All three singles have shown Stokes to be an artist with a clear vision of the stories he wishes to tell and the skills to bring them to audiences clearly and appropriately to each song. His training as an operatic tenor has no doubt helped with his delivery, but it all stems from his desire to be authentic as an artist. Stokes is working on an EP, and we talked about that, his songwriting and more.

You can watch our chat on YouTube (below), or listen on the podcast.

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